Financial Services Revenue Cycle and Clinical Optimization

PMT Executives have extensive experience in completing optimizations, enhancements and recovery services for hospitals and health systems (including physician practice management) throughout the United States. Revenue Cycle process within health care represent integrated services managed in various areas of health care (e.g. financials, clinical, health information management, business office, patient access). Recognizing the interdependences that each of the areas requires an executive that can operate efficiently across and within these areas. We provide a comprehensive approach to our reviews and operational improvement initiatives to ensure the best future state possible.

Equally important for optimization is the review of technology. Acquisition of systems that are fully integrated into process provides organizations to absorb more capacity without new hires. 21st Century health care organizations must move to systems that provide seamless integration from patient access to bad debt collection to reduce cost, and improve delivery. However, we have seen organizations implement system at 50% of its capability or less. Within 3 to 5 years, seek to replace it because they never achieved the expected benefits. What a waste of resources. Let PMT Executives review your process, talent, and technology to ensure your organization has the capacity to achieve the vision set forward by the organization.

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