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About PMT Executives

PMT Executives' dedicated focus on an organization's vision defines how we evaluate and determine our program and project path as well as each service we recommend, each decision we make and each step we employ. All professionals in our organization, senior to junior positions, are Project Management Institute certified. We provide portfolio, program and project management services; optimize results within budgetary parameters; and strategically coach, augment or re-position staff to maximize talent impact. Our goal is to empower and strategically prepare an organization to achieve its vision of operational excellence, competitive advantage and regulatory compliance in an ever-changing environment.

Prioritizing project selection, timing and implementation is essential for organizations with limited funds. From structural build outs to system "go-lives," our services support all or part of an organization's program management projects. Managing construction projects or clinical and population projects within a program or portfolio provides healthcare leadership with one-stop communication and resource management, and enhances the organization's ability to achieve its vision and return on investment.